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Atherton Tablelands.

Millaa Millaa Falls.

Millaa Millaa Falls

The Tablelands is a very pleasant holiday destination , particularly in the summer months, as the temperatures up here are considerably cooler than down at ground level. You will climb to approx. 2,600 feet on your journey that will take you through Mareeba, Atherton, Yungaburra, and on to Lake Barrine, depending on the tour operator you choose. At Mareeba you can visit the famous Coffee Works and sample their delights. Pass through Tolga and visit The Tolga Woodworks and then on your way to Atherton where you can visit the Crystal Caves .Drive further and the next stop on your journey is The Heritage village of Yungaburra where you may be lucky enough to spot a platypus.

Lake Tinaroo.

Lake Tinaroo

A lot of the old shops in the village have plaques on the entrance telling visitors what kind of business operated there in the Old Days. The village also has quite an interesting Tourist Information Centre.There are several volcanic lakes in the area and of these Lake Barrine is my favourite.Close by is Breamber, and from here you can do a circuit of several waterfalls that are within 15 klms. of each other.Milla Milla Falls being the most well known.

Yungaburra Memorial

As a frequent visitor to The Tablelands we have realised that there are so many attractions in the area it is quite impossible to see them all on a day trip.The Tablelands is a unique destination that stands on it's own as another jewel in the Queensland Experience.

There are many delightful accommodations that cater for most individual requirements and some suprises along the way. On one of our visits we happened to pop into The Gem Gallery and to our suprise they catered for breakfast. A magnificent feast I might add.

Lake Barrine
Yungaburra Hotel

There is always the chance to spot a platypus or two,visit a winery,or take a pleasant lunch at the Yungaburra RSL. Lake Barrine is a wonderful spot that has a Tea House surrounded by magnificent floral gardens.

There is a Rain Forest Cruise for those who wish to see the wildlife up close.If you are ever lucky enough to be in North Queensland ,make a stay on The Tablelands a top priority. You will love the experience.

Barron Gorge

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