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Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg on The Burnett River.

Aerial of Bundaberg City and Burnett River.

The City of Bundaberg is situated approx.15 klms West of the coast and 385 klms North of Brisbane the State Capital. The area was first settled by Europeans in the 1860's and the primary industry at that time was timber getting.The first sawmill opened in 1868 and the city was surveyed and named in 1870.
Bundaberg is renowned as The Gateway to The Great Barrier Reef and has accommodations just perfect for you and your family. East of the City on the coast is Mon Repos Beach where tourists flock to see the turtles laying there eggs during the November-March season. Just South lies the resort of Bargara that is another popular tourism centre.

Lady Elliot Island.

Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island is the Southern-most coral cay of The Great Barrier Reef and is approx 85 klms.North-East of Bundaberg. Diving and snorkelling conditions are unrivalled on the East Coast of Australia. The Resort has it's own airstrip and flights from Bundaberg and other Queensland Towns is a daily service. The waters surrounding the cay are teeming with wildlife and live corals and there are in the region of 200 Manta Rays that regard the Coral Cay as there home.
Lady Musgrave Island is much closer to the Discovery Coast so day trips by boat can be arranged from Bundaberg or the Town of 1770. This island is also a Coral Cay and the camping grounds are extremely popular. Boats enter the semi enclosed lagoon via a deep water channel.

Bundaberg Rum.

Spring Hill House

The City of Bundaberg is famous for two liquid icons.The first appeared on the scene in 1888 when the first barrel of Bundaberg Rum was produced. The company really entered the Tourism Industry in a big way when it appointed it's first Tour Guide in 1986.

The popularity with tourists grew and in 1991 The Bundaberg Distillery Visitors Centre located at Spring Hill House was officially opened to the public.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

The second liquid icon is Bundaberg Ginger Beer. This company began it's operations in 1960 and ginger beer is only one of the many flavours produced at the plant. 2005 saw the construction of the now popular tourist facility well know as The Bundaberg Barrel.

Ginger Beer Factory

Visitors are treated to interactive displays and are presented with all the information required to understand what goes into the process of producing the distinct Bundaberg Flavour.

Bundaberg Whale Mural.

Whale Mural

A third icon can be found in the City Centre. Visitors to Bundaberg are always pleasantly suprised by The Whale Mural that is painted on the side of the tallest building in Bourbong Street in The City Centre.

Robert Wyland the international marine artist produced this magnificent piece on a visit in 1990 and it has remained one of The City's popular tourist attractions to the present day.


Bargara is a beautiful spot just a short drive from Bundaberg. The foreshore with its recent refurbishment including seated pagodas, and a walking trail that starts at Neilson Park Beach and continues as far as Burnett Heads is a really splendid addition.


Neilson Park has a children's playground,skate bowl and bikeways that provide amusement for the kids and also a stinger-free patrolled beach. Kelly's Beach has The 'Basin' swimming area that is ideal for families. Shops and restaurants are close by, and you can pop into The Bargara or Lakes Taverns, or maybe dine alfresco as the mood suits. Bargara is a great spot to getaway to for you and your family.

Mon Repos.

logger head turtle

The Turtle Rookery at Mon Repos is a protected area for the marine turtles that nest in this particular area every year. The Conservation Park is visited by several species of marine turtle, and most importantly the endangered Loggerhead.

The turtle season from November through to March attracts thousands of visitors and consequently the beach access is managed by Rangers of The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to ensure minimum impact of humans on these beautiful creatures. Between mid November and February after dark is the best time to see the nesting turtles, and hatchlings begin to make their way to the ocean from mid January onwards.

The Town of 1770.

The town of 1770 is an approx. 90 mins.drive North of Bundaberg and was the first landing for Lt. James Cook on his journey North. To celebrate this historical event the town holds a long weekend festival in May and has been doing so for the last 17 years. The traditional owners of the land, The Gooreng Gooreng People, make a significant contribution to the proceedings with their Dreamtime Stories relating to the area and with performances of traditional dance.

1770 Cook Marker.

The re-enactment of the Cook landing is performed with professional actors in full period costumes so take your camera to record the event.
A short drive to the 1770 Headland Carpark and it is only a 15 min. walk from there to the Lookout. If you visit by rail or coach you can hire a scooter from "Scooteroo" and shuttle between the 2 towns as they are only 5 mins apart.

Agnes Water.

The Area from Baffle Creek in the South to Hummock Hill Island in the North is known as The Discovery Coast.There are many beautiful beaches on this stretch of coastline and Agnes Water Beach pictured below is the most Northerly surfing beach on the East Coast Of Australia.The Headland of the town of 1770 is one of only three destinations where you can watch the sun set over the water. There are some great walking trails throughout the National Parks of Eurimbula, Deepwater, Cania Gorge and Roundhill that will provide the visitor with an alternative to the many beachfront activities provided.

Agnes Water Beach.

Agnes Water Beach

The Lookouts at 1770 and Agnes Water are both short walks and are well worth the trips. The Discovery Trail from Agnes Water is through bushland and brings you out above Agnes and Workman's Beaches. The coastal area is also a great spot for visiting fishing enthusiasts.

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