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Aerial of Cairns Harbour : Queensland.

Brief History.

Cairns was the result of a mining strike in 1876 on the Hodgkinson River in the Atherton Tablelands.Three years previously, the Palmer River Gold Rush was responsible for the early beginnings of Port Douglas. A track was cleared to gain access to The Tablelands and in 1877 the first saw mill was built to facilitate the abundant timber resources in the area.Strangely enough, the real development of Cairns was initiated by Chinese Businessmen who with their workers became disenamoured with the pickings at the goldfields and set about establishing an agricultural industry. They were followed by a trio of Englishmen who bought up 1,000's of hectares of land and started crop plantations on a large scale. By 1886 the Cairns - Herberton Railway was under way , which led to an increase of immigrant workers to the area. Gradually Cairns was to overtake Port Douglas as the most important regional centre in the North of Queensland and is now well known as the Capital of the North.

North Queensland Beach.

North Queensland Beach.

Cairns is the tropical capital of the north.The region is abundant with interest for the visitor throughout the year.There are numerous cruises daily from the marina to various destinations.Take a river cruise for a short tour ,or spend the day on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Diving and fishing trips are favourites as the area abounds with all kinds of tropical wildlife.Just a short journey to the west of the city lies the small village of Kuranda.Travelling approx. 11klms.NE of the city you will arrive at Smithfield where you can board the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway which takes you to Kuranda.The Kuranda Scenic Railway also leaves from here and takes you through Baron Gorge passing the beautiful Baron Falls.To the north and south of the city are a number of beaches in easy reach of the visitor. A favourite for me is Palm Cove,one of the northernmost beaches.One of the outstanding features in this suburb are the magnificent Giant Melaluca Trees. Another great beach, just a little closer to Cairns but still on the north side is Yorkeys Knob. A visit to the Boat Club to sample a fish dinner in an outdoor setting is a treat not to be missed.

International recognition of Cairns as a place of interest was created by the visit of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II in 1954. The film of her visit to Cairns on the Australian Tour was shown around the world to an ever adulating audience. Great things have happened since those early days.

Reef Charters.

Best Dive Trips on the Great Barrier Reef

Tourist favourites apart from The Great Barrier Reef Trips include the the largest Butterfly Sanctuary in the world, and The Cairns- Kuranda Scenic Railway that passes the majestic Baron Falls. The development of The Tjapukai Aboriginal Theme Park has been an enormous success and so to The Cairns Convention Centre. Both receiving International acclaim. The present day Cairns is a must see point of call for all Australian visitors.

Cairns Night Market.

Inspired by similar international markets in Hawaii and South East Asia, the Cairns Night Markets were created as a way for local traders to promote their North Queensland souvenirs to the demanding tourist market. The venture was only expected to be a temporary facility for the Night Markets, giving the venue a term of only 6 months, the Cairns Night Markets had a total of only 28 vendors. Unexpectedly, the Cairns Night Markets quickly flourished and within 6 months demand was so high that 100 retailers could now be supported full time. Today the Night Markets is comprised of an available 130 stalls and has evolved from a temporary open air market into a permanent airconditioned centre at the base of the Royal Harbour Hotel.

Cairns Nightmarket Views

Fashions, Natural Health and Beauty, Australian and North Queensland Novelty Gifts and Souvenirs, Glass Blowing,Australian Clothing, Jewellery Opals and Pearls.

Cairns Nightmarket Views

Bar, Massage, Gifts, Oil Skins, Akubra Hats, Tattoos, Wine, Aussie Food Products, T Shirts, Asian Buffet, Crepes, Noodle Bars, Coffee Shops, Icecream, Homewares.

Cairns Nightmarket Views
Walsh Pyramid.
Walsh Pyramid : Cairns.

Walsh Pyramid can be seen on the southern outskirts of the City and is the subject of the annual Walsh Pyramid race to the top and back. Just before The Pyramid is the turn off to The Atherton Tablelands. Another great area for visiting.

Kuranda Railway.

The Cairns - Kuranda Railway is an exciting excursion up into the rainforest.The views are truly magnificent and in the wet season the Baron Falls is seen in all it's glory. Arriving at Kuranda, the markets are a haven for shoppers.

Kuranda Scenic Railway : Cairns.

The Wool Shed.

The Wool Shed : Cairns.

The Wool Shed is probably the most popular night venue for Backpackers
in the Cairns area.Most Hostels supply discount tickets for this venue.

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