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Charters Towers.

Tower Hill Lookout.

In the Gold Rush Days, Charters Towers was the second largest centre in Queensland. Hosting over 60 hotels and a Stock Exchange, it was a bustling mining town with interests also in sheep and cattle. An Aboriginal boy started it all when he picked up a nugget in 1871. History abounds in this town with a great deal of the architecture, built in those heady days, still standing as a proud reminder of the past.

Old World Horse Carriage.

Old World Horse Carriage.

On the outskirts of the town is The Venus Battery, an old crushing mill. Guided tours are available daily. The Miners Cottage is another interesting site that has been completely refurbished to the original, where you can also pan for gold. Tower Hill Lookout is a great spot to oversee the town, and in the evenings there, you can watch a movie entitled Ghosts After Dark in the Ampitheatre. In town The Heritage Walk is a trip into the past as you gaze at the wonderful architecture, all within a square mile in the town. Of course we can still find interesting things to see including The World Theatre, The Museum and also The Historic Ambulance Centre.Everything taken into consideration, probably one of the most fascinating towns anywhere on earth.


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Van Parks.

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Rotundra in Lissner Park.

Lissner Park


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Police Station Charters Towers.
Post Office Charters Towers.
Stock Exchange Charters Towers.
Miners Cottage Charters Towers.
Werry House Charters Towers.
Australian Bank of Commerce Charters Towers.

Visiting Charters Towers is like stepping back in time.The architecture of this small City Centre is a photographers delight.

Municipal Library Charters Towers.
Country Music Festival Statue Charters Towers.
Ambulance Centre Charters Towers.
Centurion Hotel Charters Towers.
Front of Stock Exchange Charters Towers.
Information Centre Charters Towers.