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Help Save Shute Harbour,

A minute of your time is all we're asking.

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has recently refused a development application for Great Keppel Island citing the island's World and National Heritage values as one of his reasons.

See story

Shute Harbour in the Whitsundays, like Great Keppel, is faced with a massive residential/resort/marina development planned for its World Heritage and National Heritage seabed.

This development would lead to the destruction of seagrasses, mangroves and seabed breeding communities. It would add to the already grave threats against the Great Barrier Reef, be susceptible to Climate Change storm-surge and deeply compromise one of the most scenic natural locations in Australia.

It is a project that would do irreparable damage to an irreplaceable environment.

Mr Garrett's decision re Great Keppel gives us some hope of saving Shute Harbour from a massive "suburb on the seabed" and we believe it is crucial to have has many people as possible write to him as soon as possible to support his Great Keppel decision and to ask him to use his powers to save Shute Harbour too.

Following are directions to a website that will provide access to Minister Garrett's email - and the draft of a short letter. We would be grateful if you would go to the website, cut and paste the letter below(or write your own) and send it to Minister Garrett as soon as possible. All you need to add is your name.

Email Minister Garrett

Dear Minister, I would like to congratulate you on your decision to protect Great Keppel Island from inappropriate development. It was gratifying to see that World Heritage and National Heritage values played a big part in your decision. As you know, the Whitsunday's Shute Harbour is also faced with a massive residential/resort/marina development planned for its World Heritage and National Heritage foreshore. With the passing of each day it becomes increasingly evident that the approval of this multi-storey "suburb on the seabed" should also be refused. This is a development that would do irreparable damage to an irreplaceable environment. We urge you to, once again, use your powers under the federal EP&BC legislation to refuse yet another inappropriate project threatening our World and National Heritage environment. Yours sincerely,

Please help us to save Shute Harbour. Send a letter to Minister Garrett and forward this email to all your friends and relatives asking them to do the same.

Regards, @whitsundays,supporting,

Suzette Pelt

President, Save Our Foreshore Inc

Save Our Foreshore.

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Saving Shute Harbour from a development nightmare is a cause that is a necessity for this fragile environment.

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