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Whitsunday Islands Guide.

Whitsunday Island.

'Whitehaven Beach : Whitsunday Island.'

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Whitsunday Islands.

Most visitors to The Whitsundays are familiar with the islands they can visit via ferry or on a 3 day and 2 night cruise, but there are many more islands in The Whitsundays that are unknown to them. The likes of Hayman, Hamilton, Daydream, Long, Hook,Whitsunday and South Molle Islands are all well documented in the tourism brochures but there are many more to be discovered if you hire a yacht from one of the charterers available in The Whitsundays. There are 96 islands listed here, although the number of islands are a contentious issue depending on the coordinates one uses to represent 'The Whitsundays'.

The information we have taken for the actual coordinates relate to 'The Whitsunday Islands an Historical Encyclopedia' written by Ray Blackwood, who is, as I am, a resident of Shute Harbour. Ray spent many months sailing the area in his yacht visiting all of these islands in his quest to produce the most comprehensive documentation which is available on DVD at The Proserpine Museum.

The Islands are all linked to Google Map Co-ordinates for folks who find this data interesting. Missing from the list are small islets and rocks that could be described as Islands but are too small to be included in The Google Map References.
There are a few anomalies due to some islands not being named on the maps and some Islands have not been referenced.These Islands have been given the closest Ref. point and are listed on the notes below.


1: North Molle and Mid Molle are located on South Molle Ref.point Scroll North.

2: Long and Pine Island can be found west of Dent Ref.point. Long being the more northerley of the two.

3: Thomas Island can be found North of Silversmith Ref.point.

4: Cid Island is close to Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island Ref.point.

It's a great opportunity to go Island hopping when you are lucky enough to live in The Whitsuundays.

Main Resort Islands in The Whitsundays.

Hayman Island.

This is a 5 star resort in every way. From the moment you arrive you will be delighted with the standard of excellence. The Public Areas are immaculately presented with beautifully designed manicured gardens.

The reception rooms are spacious and the decor is splendid. The main pool area is huge and has plenty of awnings providing shade from the hot tropical sun that burns down with ferocity in these latitudes.

A buffet breakfast at The Azure Restaurant gives the visitor a great start to their day whether they are just relaxing by the pool or venturing out to the Great Barrier Reef on a day trip.

Hayman Island is a great spot for walking enthusiasts who will find the rugged bushland and tropical canopies a pleasant excursion. There are many scenic lookouts with views to several secluded white sand beaches.

Flora and fauna are abundant on the island with many unique plant species and abundant wildlife including White Cockatoos, Painted Lorikeets, Kookaburras, and Herons. Colonies of endangered Proserpine Rock Wallabies also inhabit the island and are part of an ongoing breeding program in conjunction with Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

The Oriental Restaurant overlooks the splendid Oriental Garden.

The Hayman Arcade has a range of Boutiques and Specialty shops retailing mens, ladies and childrens fashions from leading Australian and Internation designers. A fabulous range of designer jewellery can be found at De Pazzi in The Arcade.

Hayman does not have daytripper facilities.

Hamilton Island.

The most popular Island for visitors to The Whitsundays is Hamilton Island. The island has it's own airport and is also accessible from the mainland via a half hour ferry trip direct from Shute Harbour or a longer cruise from Abel Point Marina.

There are numerous activities on the island and several accommodation types to suit everyone.

The island has it's own small zoo that features the Koala Gallery, and visitors can have breakfast at the restaurant on site.

Coaches run a regular service round the island and there is a buggy hire service for visitors who will find the hilly terrain quite difficult to negotiate especially in this tropical climate.

Apart from the main resort, there is The Beach Club which opens up to it's own private area on Cat's Eye Beach. and the new 'gated' Qaulia Resort on the Northern side of the island.

Front Street is the waterfront shopping area that has all the necessary outlets for island living, including a Post Office, Bakery, General Store and a Newsagency with TAB facility. There are several restaurants and a night club on the street which also leads to The Hamilton Island Yacht Club.

The island has a large permanent residential population, and at any one time there will be up to 5,000 people living here on Queensland's most visited Resort Island.

Daydream Island.

Just a ten minute ferry ride from Shute Harbour, Daydream Island has more day trippers than any of the other Whitsunday Islands. This is in evidence as the island has it's own resort area specifically for day visitors.

The most popular attraction on the island is the Living Reef Aquarium. Hand feeding Sharks, Sting Rays and Barramundi are experiences you will never forget. This Living Reef has as many as 80 different species of fish and 50 species of coral.

Daydream is a small island being just a kilometre long and 500 metres wide, but has a great number of activities for the energetic visitor. Water sports including Para Sailing, Glass bottomed tinny fishing, Tube rides and Snorkelling Safaras are just a few that one can choose from.

There are three beautiful coral beaches on the island and on Sun Lovers Beach you only have to step out a few metres in the water to see tropical fish swimming beneath you.

The centre of the island is a tropical jungle where you can see Sunbirds and Parrots of a variety of colours.

The Mermaids Restaurant is a popular venue in the main resort and the 3 bronze mermaids are a feature of the island's shoreline where at low tide you can get up close and personal for photographs.

You can get short trips including a BBQ from Abel Point Marina with a local Jet Ski operator.

Daydream Island is one of the must do trips when you visit this tropical haven, The Whitsundays.

Long Island.

Club Crocodile looks out over Happy Bay and is the main resort on Long Island. Surrounded by swaying palms, it is the ideal island getaway for young couples.

This island is also a very short ferry ride from Shute Harbour.

The Island is supported by a large local following who love to spend their weekends frolicking around the waterfront pool and bar. Lazing on the beachfront you can see the ferries leaving Shute Harbour transporting their passengers across The Molle Channel to other islands in the vacinity.

There are over 20 kilometres of walking tracks on the island and you can traverse the whole of the island on foot. One of the walks in particular is the short hike to Palm Bay. From the lookout you can see the coral reefs that protect the beautiful lagoon that has anchorage for a small number of yachts.

Happy Bay is protected from the prevalent South Easterlies by it's Northerley aspect so it can be extremely hot in the summer months.

Plenty of wildlife can be seen and heard on the island. Both Lorikeets and Curlews are in abundance and the sight of a wallaby or two wandering along the beach is not an uncommon experience. The island has a long pier and visitors can be transported to the resort if they so desire.

The island is an ideal destination for honeymoon couples as a short walk along the beach will find many ideal spots to have a private picnic.

The Whitsunday Islands.

Acacia Island

Allonby Island

Anchorsmith Island

Anvil Island

Arkhurst Island

Armit Island

Aspatria Island

Black Island

Bang Island

Baynham Island

Bird Island

Black Island

Blackcombe Island

Blacksmith Island

Border Island

Brampton Island

Brush Island

Bushy Island

Calder Island

Carlisle Island

Cid Island

Cockermouth Island

Cole Island

Comston Island

Cowrie Island

Daydream Island

Defiance Island

Deloraine Island

Denman Island

Dent Island

Double Cone Island

Dumbell Island

Dungurra Island

Edward Island

Eshelby Island

Esk Island

Farrier Island

Fitzalan Island

Gloucester Island

Goldsmith Island

Gould Island

Grassy Island

Gumbrell Island

Gunn Island

Hamilton Island

Hammer Island

Harold Island

Haslewood Island

Hayman Island

Henning Island

Hook Island

Ireby Island

Keswick Island

Keyser Island

Ladysmith Island

Langford Island

Lindeman Island

Locksmith Island

Long Island

Lupton Island

Maher Island

Mansell Island

Mausoleum Island

North Molle

Mid Molle

South Molle

Nicolson Island

Olden Island

Outer Newry Island

Penrith Island

Pentecost Island

Perseverance Island

Pine Island

Planton Island

Plum Pudding Island

Rabbit Island

Rattray Island

Repair Island

Saddleback Island

Scawfell Island

Seaforth Island

Shaw Island

Sydney Island

Sillago Island

Solder Island

St Bees Island

Tancred Island

Teague Island

Thomas Island

Tinsmith Island

Titan Island

Triangle Island

Whitsunday Island

Wigton Island

Wirrainbeia Island

Workington Island

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