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Barron River Falls.

Barron River Falls.

Just 25 klms North West of Cairns surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest is the tiny village of Kuranda. Whether arriving by car , Sky Rail or The Scenic Railway, the visitor is met by an atmosphere of thriving activity. Coffee Houses and Arts and Crafts shops are plentiful, and the village has so much to offer by way of attractions for the tourists who flock there in their thousands throughout the year.

Rainforest view Kuranda.

Visitors to Kuranda, in this wonderful part of Queensland are mostly unaware of the struggle that is going on between the Mona Mona people and The Queensland Government. The Mona Website will give the reader a overview of past and present activities of this indigenous group in their aims to regain control over their Heritage,Land, Language and Beliefs. As well as practical measures to close the gap, many Aboriginal people want white Australia to learn to connect and engage with their cultures - as one woman put it, "to sit with me in my backyard".

Kuranda Amphitheatre.

Kuranda Amphitheatre

The Kuranda Amphitheatre is community run and funded, created and operated by the people of Kuranda on a not-for-profit basis. This spirit of community combined with natural beauty makes an unforgettable experience for artist and fans alike.

Kuranda Market..

Entrance to Kuranda Market

The Kuranda Market is the centre of activity in this pictureque rain forest village. There are numerous stalls for souvenir hunters and a large representation of these are from locals in this arts and crafts community. The Aboriginal people of the area sell their Didgeridoos, Boomerangs and Art pieces on stalls within the market and a couple of large shops outside the market that are solely dedicated to Aboriginal items.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

Take an exciting trip from Cairns to Kuranda on one of the most breathtaking scenic rail journeys in the world. Climb high into the rainforest and marvel at the views as you pass the Barron River Falls and the Gorge below.

The Sky Rail is a unique opportunity to experienc a trip from Cairns to Kuranda through magnificent Rainforest scenery. Experience this trip and then return by way of The Kuranda Scenic Railway. A double pleasure and a great day out for the visitor.

Kuranda Sky Rail

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