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Enjoy a visit to Mackay and join the crowds of visitors, not only tourists, but Australian families who travel regularly from anywhere within a 200 mile radius to satisfy their shopping needs. First time visitors can pop in to the Visitor Information Centre located in The Town Hall to aquire brochures and leaflets pertaining to the many attractions offered by this charming city. The Heritage walk is one of the attractions that take in a pleasant stroll around the Heritage Listed Buildings that sit on the banks of The Pioneer River which is the lifeblood of The City.

Mackay Art Gallery and Museum.

Artspace Mackay, the regional art gallery and museum is in the centre of the city. This architecturally award winning building provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the people and history of Mackay through the Mementoes of Mackay exhibition.

Sydney, Wood and Victoria Streets are the sites for a number of Art Deco Style buildings that enhance the City Centre with their colourful facades. Victoria St. is also home to The Horizons Mosaic Walk that encompasses an outdoor exhibition of sculptures, terazzio images, bronze plaques and mosaics that were completed in 1993 by members of the local community. Five Themes, The Rainforest, The Pioneer Valley, The Reef, The Coast, and The Islands are depicted in this Historical Exhibition of Mackay and it's past.

Historical Buildings are aplenty, including the Old Courthouse built in 1838 and the Police Station built in 1885. Many of the Listed Buildings can be seen if you take the City Heritage Walk.Lasting for approx. an hour the walk takes in 21 historical sites and brochures are obtainable at the Tourist Information Centre. There are 31 beaches in the Mackay area, and one in Cape Hillsborough National Park is quite spectacular , as the rainforest almost reaches the sea at this point.

Eungella National Park.

Landscape Eungella National Park
Producing over one third of the nations sugar crop,Mackay is the sugar capital of Australia.It became a major port in 1939, and has one of the largest artificial harbours in Australia.The bulk sugar terminal is the largest in the world. Other industries that are also important to the local economy are timber, grain, beef cattle ,dairy-farming, tropical fruit growing and seafood.There is a large coal loading terminal at Hay Point which handles all of the production from the Central Queensland Coalfields.

Boulder Creek.

Landscape Eungella National Park

Popular Beaches.

Blacks Beach.

The Mackay Region has many fabulous beaches including The City beaches of Ilawong,Harbour and Lamberts at Slade Point. Favourite beaches in Northern Mackay include Blacks, Bucasia,Shoal Point and Eimeo beaches.

The latter being a favourite for the Eimeo Hotel perched on the top of the cliffs. Sunset views to the Hinterland are magnificent ,as are the daytime views over Bucasia, Dolphin Heads and the Southern Cumberland Islands.

Blacks Beach.

The Hinterland.

Turtles at Broken River.

West of the City on the way to Eungella National Park you arrive at Finch Hatton Gorge. During the summer months this area is a favourite of the locals. A forest walk brings you to two waterfalls. Araluen and Wheels of Fire are a couple of spots where you can cool down and take a dip in the cool waters.

Further to the west ,The Eungella National Park provides walking trails and a Sky Window Lookout that provides views for miles. Platypus can be seen early morning and late afternoon at Broken River on occasions.

Duck Billed Platypus.


Brampton Island

Brampton Island.

Close to Mackay we have 2 Islands that are of interest to visitors. Brampton is the Resort Island and unfortunately the Resort is not open to day trippers but you can grab a day cruise from Mackay and traverse the walking trails on the island which is almost entirely 100% National Park.

Carlisle Island.

Carlisle Island is close by and is very secluded. The island has magnificent Melaluca Forests and affords the visitor with some basic camping facilities.
Further afield are Keswick and St. Bees Islands. St.Bees is Keswick's close neighbour and is home to a colony of Koalas.

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