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Mount Isa.

Photo of Mount Isa by Michael Rogers, who retains copyright and releases the image under the GFDL.

In 1867 Ernest Henry discovered copper on the Cloncurry River, a find which heralded the establishment of the Mount Isa - Cloncurry region as a focus of mining activities in European Australia. In his explorations Henry paid Aborigines of the local Kalkadoon tribe to take him to outcrops of copper ore. What Henry probably failed to recognise was that his informants were themselves miners and the descendants of miners. Indeed, at the time of Henry's discoveries Aboriginal miners were at work in the hills surrounding Mount Isa, extracting rocks and manufacturing stone axes to supply extensive trade systems as they had done for perhaps a thousand years.

Lake Moondarra.

Lake Moondarra.

Twenty kilometres north of the town is Lake Moondarra, a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, where water sports are available, along with barbeque facilities .Barra fishing is extremely popular and Mt.Isa has it's own fishing club. This area is a Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mount Isa Garden Waterfall.

Mount Isa is the administrative centre of North West Queensland. Silver-lead is a major mining industry for Mount Isa Mines, as is also to a lesser extent copper and zinc. Underground and surface mine tours are available to visitors. The Kalkadoon Trbal Centre in Marian Street is also an interesting aside.

The third largest rodeo in the world is held here every year , doubling the towns population for the duration of the event. Out of town tours are available to The Heritage listed fossil site at Riversleigh. Lake Moondarra is a nice spot just outside the town where water sports, fishing and BBQ areas are availabl;e

Lake Moondarra Night Scene.

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