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Port Douglas.

Four Mile Beach.

Four Mile Beach : Port Douglas.

Brief History.

Port Douglas was founded as a result of the workings of The Hodgkinson River Goldfields in 1877. Population of the town grew to about 12,000 and thrived for a good 15 years until the depletion in gold yield and the connection of the Cairns/Mareeba Railway. After these events the town's population dwindled to under 100 and slipped into obscurity.

Port Douglas Headland.

The Headland : Port Douglas.

Port Douglas remained in anonymous isolation until the early 1980's when tourism development came on the scene. A property developer by the name of Christopher Skase embarked on The Hotel Mirage Project and was also responsible for the planting of the magnificent palm trees that line the road leading from the highway to the town. The population of the town is now approaching 7,000 and there are considerable projects underway at this point in time.

Hartleys Crocodile Farm.

Croc Feeding at Hartleys Croc Farm : Port Douglas.

Before you reach Port Douglas you can stop at Hartleys Crocodile Farm. Port Douglas is a few klms. off the main highway and as you head north you turn right at the Port Douglas turnoff.Just after this intersection, on your left is the Rainforest Habitat. A couple of hours wandering through this attraction is very pleasant. North on the main highway is Mossman Gorge and the Daintree River.Cruises on the river are available most times of the day, and walking tours are available at Daintree and Mossman Gorge.

Rainforest meets The Reef : Port Douglas.

Visiting the outer reef is probably the trip that most people will embark on from Port Douglas,but there are attractions within the town that are well worth seeing. You can spend a relaxing couple of hours with the crew aboard the Lady Douglas,a paddlewheeler,as she meanders up Dickson's Inlet.

This spot in the far north of Queensland is about as idylic as it gets.The drive from Cairns to Port Douglas is approx. 70 kms. of absolute scenic beauty. A large part of the drive is overlooking the ocean and you will enjoy it immensely . Snorkelling in this area is magnificent.

Aerial Reef scene : Port Douglas.

The Low Isles.

Lying 13 klms. from Port Douglas are The Low Isles, consisting of 2 coral cays. The lighthouse on the western island was built in 1878 and operated manually until automation in 1993.The reef surrounding the isles are abundant with a variety of fish and many Green Turtles can be seen in the area.

Low Isles Lighthouse : Port Douglas.

Day trips are run from Port Douglas and snorkelling is the 'go' for visitors to see a large number of hard corals and 10 species of soft coral surrounding the isles. Sailaway are one of the few companies with a licence to operate in this area and a daytrip to The Low Isles is a memorable experience.

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