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Walking Tracks.

Swamp Bay Track

follows the creek at the foot of Mt Rooper. The creek only flows in the wet. The beach at Swamp Bay is covered in broken coral washed up by wave action. The views across Molle Passage are fantastic.

Coral Beach Track

is contained within an Environmental Reserve that adjoins the National Park. From Coral Beach a 700mt walk to The Beak lookout provides more panoramic views of Whitsunday Passage.

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Cruise Whitsundays Booking Office at Shute Harbour.

CW Booking Office

Ferry Terminus.

Shute Harbour is a small coastal hamlet whose main purpose is a port from where tourists use ferries and other craft to venture out to the Whitsunday's and Great Barrier Reef. The town itself is also situated close to the largest coastal wildlife park in Queensland where bushwalkers can take some of the many walking trails to see rainforests and native animals, which live in the park. There are picnic grounds for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

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Hamilton Island Accommodation.

Cruise Whitsundays operate out of Shute Harbour and Abel Point Marina at this point in time but will move operations to their new home at Port of Airlie when offices are completed later in 2013 or early 2014.
Services commence out of Shute Harbour at 6-30am to accommodate contractors and commuting staff who work on Hamilton Island and finish with the last boat arriving back from Hamilton Is. via Long Island Resort at 6-15pm.
Whether you are using the Ferry Services to Island hop, going out to The Great Barrier Reef or to visit World Famous Whitehaven Beach, the staff at Cruise Whitsundays will look after your every need.
Cruise Whitsundays offer family and pensioner specials on their day trips and you can check these out


Boarding Cruise Whitsundays Ferry to Hamilton Island.

Boarding Cruise Whitsundays Ferry at Shute Harbour.

Book Cruise Whitsundays Here.

Ragamuffin Trips have been Terminated.

Shute Harbour is the home of record breaking Maxi Yacht Ragamuffin. Winner of three Sydney to Hobarts and a host of other line honours in sailing venues throughout the world, she is a true racing thoroughbred, and has been gracing the sparkling turqoise waters of The Whitsundays under the care of her owner, local yachtsman, Bernard Heimann since 1994. You can experience the thrill of sailing to Hayman Island and diving or snorkelling off the beautiful waters of Blue Pearl Bay or a more relaxing excursion south for a picnic on Whitehaven Beach which is regarded as one of the worlds most photographed locations. Comfortable in any sea conditions, Ragamuffin is carpeted throughout below decks, has cushioned settees, a galley, refrigeration and toilet facilities.

Skipper George Cranfield welcoming guests aboard.

Ragamuffin at Shute Harbour waiting for the guests.

The skipper points to a shoal of fish.

Ragamuffin waits for guests to arrive from Daydream Island.

Blue Pearl Bay Trip.

Maxi Ragamuffin leaves Shute Harbour at 8-45 am and motors across the Molle Channel to Daydream Island where guests are picked up for the sail to Blue Pearl Bay. On leaving Daydream, a crew member gives the guests a safety briefing and demonstrates the donning of a life jacket and the safe exit from the vessel in case of an emergency. Heading north, Ragamuffin's Crew, with the help from willing hands raise the huge mainsail up the 105 foot mast. The trip to Blue Pearl Bay is approximately 2 hours, and during that time the guests are eager to chat with the skipper and his crew who are always willing to impart their knowledge of The Whitsundays, its history and all its fascinations.

All aboard and departing from Daydream Island.

Lifebelt drill with Crew member Beki

Outward Sail.

Everyone on board picks a spot on deck to relax and soak up the sun, while the crew mingle with guests and point out islands along the way. Passing Bird Island to starboard, Langford Island is just ahead with its extensive southern reef. This area with Bali Hai further Eastward is one of the prettiest in The Whitsundays. Dive crewman Patrick gives a rundown on wearing the snorkel gear as we approach Akhurst Island on the Western side of Hayman Island and out come the stinger suits. Castle Rock on Hayman appears, and just ahead is our destination, Blue Pearl Bay. Cruising slowly into the bay , a mooring is selected close to the beach and the activity aboard increases.

Snorkel brief with Patrick.

Leaving Ragamuffin

On Blue Pearl Bay.

Visitors depart Ragamuffin enmasse for their snorkelling adventure. Take sunscreen, as in this part of the world the UV rays are intense and very unforgiving. The fish are friendly and you don't have to venture more than a few metres offshore to encounter these inquisitive creatures. If you are not the energetic type you can just lie back, relax, and look forward to a delicious lunch that is prepared on board Ragamuffin. This area is one of the best for snorkelling and diving throughout the islands and visitors are requested to take everything with you when you leave except your footprints.
Footnote :- (no pun intended) It is advisable to take shoes as the coral extends right up to the shoreline.

Arriving the Beach at Blue Pearl Bay.

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Return to Ragamuffin for Lunch.

After about two hours exploring the bay guests are invited back aboard Maxi Ragamuffin for a delicious buffet lunch, including cold roast meats, gourmet salads and crusty bread rolls. After lunch, there is usually time for a swim or a bit of sunbathing before the crew set sail again for the return leg via the Whitsunday Passage to Shute Harbour. A fresh Queensland tropical fruit platter is served during the return sail to the mainland.

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin

Action pics from the Day Trip with Ragamuffin



Unhooked and off round the north of Hayman Island, Ragamuffin heads south passing Cockatoo Point on Hook Island on our port side and Bali Hai on starboard. The busy Stonehaven anchorage is next to port, and then a straight run through to Unsafe Passage, Daydream Island and home.

Combine Cruise 1 and Cruise 2 for two fabulous days sailing around the Whitsundays. Enjoy the Blue Pearl Bay Snorkelling Adventure one day, and then see your friendly crew again the next day for your Whitehaven Beach Picnic Adventure. You can do either Cruise 1 or Cruise 2 first, and they do not have to be consecutive days - you can take a day or two off in between to explore Airlie Beach and surrounds. Not only that, we'll give you a discount! Less money - more fun!

Skipper George at the Wheel.

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