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James Packer's little Runabout at Abel Point Marina.

We never go anywhere in The Whitsundays without taking our video camera because we never know who or what we might encounter. Just recently the Packer Cruiser arrived at Abel Point Marina to continue on to Hamilton Island where it was met by it's owner James. We took a short video that can be seen by clicking on the photo. Several of our favourites can be found lower down the page. Probably my favourites are 2 videos that I captured after being invited aboard one of the tenders to The Diamond Princess when she anchored out in Pioneer Bay to disembark passengers for a day trip to Airlie Beach. Although the day, as far as weather was concerned, didn't live up to expectations, it was an experience that I

would not have missed.

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I was lucky to arrive at Abel Point Marina in time to take a short video of James Packer's boat before it left fot Hamilton Island later in the day.

Whitsunday Videos.

Cockatoos at Shute Harbour.


The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is a common bird in The Whitsundays and can be really destructive. If left to their own devices they will run amok with anything they can find to chew in your back yard. A really beautiful bird to see but a wild noise to listen to.

Nothing Like Australia.

Nothin like Australia entries.

Video of Nothing like Australia entries with captions, including the Turtle Piggy Back and The Award Winning Cockatoo and Lorakeet altercation. All images are copyright to Liz and Alf at The Queensland Armchair Guide.

The Verandah.

Reflections at Shute

A beautiful view from our verandah at Shute Harbour.The colours reflecting in the water are amazing.The headland that can be seen on the left is 'The Beak' the Island in the middle of the photo is Mid Molle,and South Molle is protruding from the right.

Corinne and Sam

Sam and Corinne

Sunday 30th Nov. 2008 at The VMR launch of their new Radio Room.Long time friends of ours, Corrine and Sam gave their time to entertain the guests and The VMR guys during the afternoon and the proceedings went on into the night.

The Lagoon.

Airlie Beach Lagoon

Friday 28th Nov 2008 we have overcast conditions at 'The Lagoon' Airlie Beach in The Whitsundays. German Backpackers Carmen and Johanna decide to pay a final visit to the Lagoon before heading to Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.

Fantasy Wonder.

Fantasy Wonder

Nice to pop down to the Marina at Shute Harbour and meet a few old pals who crewed when I was a regular on the Hamilton Island run. They all agreed that they missed my charm , personality ,and my happy go lucky attitude to the work day ahead.

Diamond Princess1

Diamond Princess

Monday 8th Dec.I was aboard one of the Diamond Princesses Tenders returning to the liner to pick up passengers for disembarking at Abel Point Marina for the day.Nice to get up close to an ocean liner and take some pics.

Lorakeets Feeding


The Rainbow Lorikeet is one of the noisiest and agressive Parrots in Australia. Small in stature and very colourful in appearance they are found commonly throughout Queensland.Bathtime is a regular occurrence at our place

Diamond Princess2

Ambassadors Liz and Graham.

Another overcast day greeted The Diamond Princess to Airlie Beach, but it was warm, humid, and thankfully the rain stayed away for the duration of the visit. Ambassadors Liz and Graham assisting the visitors at Abel Point.

Ragamuffin Sailing Home.

Shutehaven from the Water.

Living high on the hill at Shute Haven is so tranquil.At the end of a perfect day -sail, Ragamuffin gently turns into the wind to lower her sail as Fantasea 10 glides past into Shute Harbour on her last trip for the day. Paradise in The Whitsundays.

Camel Rides Airlie Beach.

Airlie Camels

Airlie Beach on Saturday Morning 17th January. Camel rides on the beach give the kids pleasant relief from following along behind their parents in The Saturday Market. Hot and Humid and the water was just like a millpond.

Bath Time.

Bath Time for Lorakeets

One of the most entertaining times we have here at Shutehaven is Lorakeets Bathtime.Literally hundreds of these birds queue to spend a few minutes in the bird bath.They are extremely boisterous as the swim around flapping there wings as they go.

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