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It was in 1917 the settlers decided to open up a road to Proserpine to facilitate their ambitions to start a sugar cane farm. A year later the track was completed. Meanwhile the inhabitants of some of the islands had ideas of entertaining guests on their properties, and this was achieved by inviting Proserpine locals to catch the mail boat which frequented the islands on a regular basis. From those early beginnings we now have an enormous Tourism Industry in operation. Gone are all the sheep and their grazing areas, but deer are still to be found on Hamilton Island.

View to Whitehaven

Hill Inlet Whitsundays.

The Whitsunday Islands and mainland areas were first occupied by the Aboriginal Ngaro People. Evidence of their presence is seen on many of the islands in the form of middens and rock cave paintings. It was in the 1880's that grazing leases for the islands were granted to settlers. At this point in time Airlie Beach was basically Rain Forest. It wasn't until 1904 that the Abell Family arrived on the beach to start a new life away from the drought ridden Boonah District in S.E.Queensland. The next few years were spent in clearing ground for market gardens and orchards.

Camel rides on Airlie Beach.

Camel Rides : Airlie Beach.

The Whitsunday Passage is without doubt, one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. There are 74 islands in the group and several of these have their own resorts. The town of Airlie Beach is the main tourist centre for the area, and with the addition of 'The Lagoon' and the new look 'Esplanade' it makes for a very enjoyable stay in the area. Backpackers abound in this neck of the woods, so scooter hire is a popular means of transport for getting about during the day.

Cruise Whitsunday's Pontoon.

Cruise Whitsunday's Reef Pontoon.

Cruise Whitsunday's operate services to most of the island resorts and run daily trips to the reef and Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. Abel Point Marina is the Airlie departure point for lots of other cruise options. Bareboat charters are numerous,so if you want to 'go it alone', you can. Proserpine,The WhitsundaysAdministrative Centre, is just 20 mins away, and visits to the Sugar Mill and The Historical Museum are available.

Cruise Ship Visits.

The arrival of P & O's cruise ships see an estimated 2000 visitors to Airlie Beach. Awaiting their arrival at Abel Point was the team of volunteers from The Tourism Whitsundays Ambassador Program. On arrival the visitors are warmly greeted and presented with a Information Booklet on Airlie Beach and directed to the coaches waiting to transport them to the town centre.

Alternatively they are informed of the opportunity to take a pleasant stroll along The Boardwalk into the centre. Many of the passengers prebook trips and tours, of which, Oceanrafting and the Camira cruise are extremely popular.The Sailing Club is another popular venue for them to sit back and relax on the verandah and watch the world sail by. The Ambassador Program has proved extremely popular with our guests as many have expressed their desire to return and spend more time with us.

Cedar Creek Falls.

Cedar Creek Falls.

On the way to Proserpine, turn left onto Conway Road and follow the signs to Cedar Creek Falls. The falls and the cool freshwater pool are spectacular in the wet season, and they are always worth a visit. Many people are not aware of the fact but you can walk around to the right side of Cedar Creek Falls and there is a little track. It goes all the way up to the top. When you get to the top, keep walking there is a natural rock pool up there.

Conway Beach.

Conway Beach is only 15 minutes away from Cedar Creek and it's in a large tidal bay with a peaceful beachside community. BBQ facilities are available and it's an ideal place for a family picnic. Just a short distance from here is Wilson Beach that is even quieter, and an ideal place to try your luck at a spot of fishing, so throw out a line. A whole day can be spent in this gorgeous area of the Whitsundays and quite often you will be the only ones on the beach.


Beautiful Beach at Bowen.

Check out the Big Mango at the Bowen Info centre 4klms.south of the town and remember to pick up a map. The Big Mango represents the delicious fruit which carries the name sake of the town 'Bowen Mango'. The town boasts 7 of the most beautiful beaches found anywhere. Horshoe Bay is probably the most well known, Grays Beach the most picturesque, but Rose Bay is our favourite spot out of all of them.

Mullers Lagoon.

Mullers Lagoon.

Situated in the centre of the town, is a superb botanical garden and wetland habitat, home to about 176 species of bird life.Throughout the centre there are 25 historical murals that depict the diverse history of Bowen from early days to the present. Tourism Bowen hosts a guided walking tour featuring the Bowen murals every Wednesday morning and a more in depth look into Bowen's history can be retraced at the Bowen Historical Museum.

whitehaven link button.

Whitsunday Island is the largest island in the Whitsundays and is 100% National Park. Kept in pristine condition, there are no resort facilities here, but there is a camping site. Visitor numbers to the island are quite significant as several tour operators run trips to the world famous Whitehaven Beach. This beach is probably one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

lindeman link button.

Lindeman island is the southernmost island in the group and is about 1 hour from Shute Harbour. Nature walks reveal lots of varieties of flora and fauna on the island. Windsurfing and snorkelling are popular off the beach , and the island also has a 9 hole golf course. In the cool of the evening you can take advantage of the 5 floodlit tennis courts and follow by visiting the nightclub on the island.

hamiltonisland link button.

Hamilton Island has a variety of accommodation types on the island, ranging from The Palm Bungalows, through to Private Residences. At this point in time the north side of the island is being developed to accommodate a 6 star resort. Visitors will be transported by helicopter to their own private quarters. In the main resort, guests will find that on any given day there are at least 40 different types of activities that they can participate in. Buggies are the form of transport on the island ,or you can take advantage of the free shuttle service that operates throughout the day to all parts of the island. Fantasea runs reef trips from the island every day , and also trips to Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. On the south side of the island there is a Go Cart Track, Rifle Range, and a Golf Driving Range. Plenty of things to keep you occupied here.

long island resort.

Long Island is blessed with beautiful beaches.The original resort was Happy Bay, and was completely transformed in the 80's, and is now Club Crocodile Resort. The Resort has a wide range of facilities ,and several walking tracks. Situated 20 mins from the mainland, the island has a steady flow of daytrippers from nearby Shute Harbour. South of the main resort were The Eco Resort and Peppers Palm Bay. Both Exclusive, and unfortunately due to the current economic climate both have recently closed. Palm Bay is a beautiful spot and can be accessed by boat but owners must be extremely cautious entering the lagoon by a very narrow channel.

daydream island.

Daydream Island was called West Molle in the old days. Back in 1930 a couple from Sydney set of to voyage round the world in their yacht Daydream. On arriving at The Whitsundays they fell in love with the area and susequently bought the island from it's owner and stayed. The island has a Tropical Pool stocked with fish , and live coral also collected from this area. Plenty of day trippers visit this island, and they have a separate area set aside from the main resort. On the West side of the island there is a coral beach called Sunlovers. Just wade out a few metres and you can see the various coloured tropical fish up close.Try snorkelling and get a view of the coral that is close to the beach. This island has a real tropical flavour.

south molle island.

South Molle Island in the long distant past was frequently visited by Queensland Aborigines. Their interest was in the basaltic rocks that are abundant on the island. These were used for making primitive cutting implements and axes.Take a walk on the track to Spion Kop, and you will see the evidence of a stone quarry . In the mornings on South Molle, fish feeding is carried out by staff on the pier. The island's guests are housed in units in the tropical gardens or on the beach front. Several walking tracks can be encountered, plus a 9 hole golf course. Water sports are plentiful, and reef trips are available from the island every day of the week. Ferry services from this island are to Abel Point Marina, not Shute Harbour.

hayman island.

Hayman Island is located at the northern area of The Whitsundays. Originally opened in the 50's it was totally refurbished in 1985. The resulting change elevated the resort to exclusive membership of The Leading Hotels in the World. The garden areas are magnificently maintained and are adorned with giant Grecian Urns, Satues and Fountains. Plenty of watersports here, and several restaurants for the culinary artistes. Guests are transported by the island's luxury vessel from Hamilton Island Airport to their guest quarters with 5 star service all the way. If you can afford it, do it.

hook island.

Hook island coral viewing is splendid. There is an underwater observatory here and a small resort with camping facilities. The island has some of the highest peaks in The Whitsundays, and is the second largest of the Whitsunday Islands. There are many beaches around Hook, and private yachts tend to visit regularly as the coral is probably the best in the area. Off the main tourist track ,as Fantasea the main ferry operator does not have scheduled trips there. A lot of locals tend to go to the beach areas of Hook Island to get away from the maddening crowds.

Back in the early eighties, Frank Stephens skippered 'Banjo Paterson' on the first passenger trips from Shute Harbour to Hamilton Island for her owner, and founder of Fantasea Cruises Dave Hutchens. Fantasea Cruises has new owners now and 'Banjo Paterson' still operates out of Hamilton Island. Frank still sails The Whitsundays on his catamaran 'Chilli Frog' but strictly for pleasure now. The Lifestyle in The Whitsundays is far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, but there are plenty of things to do and places to go, and we recommend a visit to the area will be one of the most rewarding experiences that anyone could possibly wish for. If you have any questions regarding a visit , just e-mail us and fire away.We will be pleased to accommodate your enquiries.

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